Charlie Duke is a nerdy hipster and he’s completely dirty – anyone have a quarter so he can throw that cum stained tshirt in the washing machine? Charlie starts out wearing nothing but a filthy t-shirt and a smile and ends up smiling with his own cum all over his face! He’s nerdy and he’s hung and he’s not afraid to let his guard down when the video camera starts rolling! Yowza!

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Dakota Banks is the cute smug rocker type that you’d love to bring home – as long as your money and liquor is hidden away. This inked up rocker dude digs chicks but doesn’t mind showing off for gay guys. His homemade gay porn video was shot in his living room while he jacks off to a straight porno mag (i guess people still buy those things.) As long as it get’s him all horned up, then who’s complaining?

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Danny was taking it up the ass from his best friend Charlie… This week Danny has Charlie acting as the cameraman for his solo video. Charlie can’t keep his hands off Danny though and the resulting video is out of this world! The video starts out with these two best friends and roommates making out on the couch. Before you know it Charlie picks up the camera and takes in the rest of the action from behind the lens! Danny rubs out a spectacular load just in time for Charlie to look up from the viewfinder and spit on him! Never saw that one coming!

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This week’s video stars a first rate cutie bum with a tight little athletic body and a rather large weiner. His confidence and charm shines as he kicks back on
the couch and jacks a nice load all over the glass coffee table. He starts off fully clothed but it doesn’t take him long to change into his birthday suit! This eagerness to be naked is backed by a cute little body and big ole dick that is begging for attention. Fortunately, he’s got the whole thing under control and before you know it… splat!

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You’re going to love Tommy Cash on YouLoveJack. He’s got that rare blend of perfect body and cocky attitude that we all love to hate. Of course he couldn’t care less when he turns on his camera and settles himself down on the couch for a wank. Tommy’s built like a brick shithouse – perfect body and he’s never spent a day in the gym in his life. I hate that. But i love checking hime out as he watches a video on his laptop and gets off. You’re gonna dig this one too!

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We’re totally stoked that we were able to hook these two up for some on camera fucking. Turns out Tanner lives right around the corner from Tommy’s cottage so
it was a cinch to get this one started. The blowjobs alone are worth the price – and the fucking is icing on the cake. Twink cake. With fuck icing. Mmmm… Tanner can’t wait to get Tommy’s cock in his mouth and quickly covers it in spit before stuffing it up his ass!

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This one likes to think he’s tough but one look at his homemade gay porn video and you can tell he’s just a dirty frat guy with a great big weiner and a desire to show it off. Either way, we like him! The thing that so great about Joey is that he’s just a spunky little tough guy acting like he’s ready for a brawl the whole time the camera’s running. Meanwhile you can totally tell he’s way into jacking off but more importantly – JACKING OFF ON CAMERA! Dude is into showing off and it breaks down his hard tough guy exterior. Love it!

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I don’t know what they’re putting in the water in Larsonville but if they keep growing twinks like Andrew, I’m all for it. Just look at that weiner! Andrew shot his latest video in his home office and he makes sure he gets plenty of close-ups of his mammoth member. He grabs a measuring tape to prove that it really is 8 inches and it’s not just the camera adding extra pounds. He then dumps 6 streams of steaming cum on his table then sits back and grins at his mess! Love it!

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This week’s video features James White playing with the purple anal beads his friends gave him for his birthday! With friends like that, who needs enemas? (rimshot)

James just had his 19th birthday and his friends threw him a surprise birthday party where all the gifts were sex toys! Of course, this dirty little fucker loved every minute of it and couldn’t wait to get home and try them out! He made this video with his two favorite birthday toys, a bright orange vibrator and a rather large set of purple anal beads! Fight the power!

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Joey Sabbath is back and this time he’s fooling around with his buddy Tristan. These two nearly tear up the screen with their humpy hot bodies and serious discharge! Mmmm… Discharge! After swapping blowjobs on the bed, they flip over and get into some serious humpy rubbing before delivering humongous loads of cum on each other’s faces. These guys have total chemistry and it shows as they literally get off on each other!

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You can tell right off the bat that Joey and Tristan are way into each other and the camera only ads to the excitement.They nearly tear up the screen with their humpy-hot bods grinding into each other all dirty like until Tristan blows a huge fucking load of cum all over Joey’s face. This was Joey’s first time letting anyone cum on his face. The verdict: GLAZED!

Joey and Tristan are fucking hot as hell as they swap blow jobs and grind their crotches into each. Things keep going until Tristan pops a freaking huge load all over Joey’s face! Joey fucking hates that so he flips Tristan over and glazes him too. These buddies with benefits literally get off on each other! WOO!

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Jeremy might come off as shy at first… but don’t let his puppy-dog cute looks fool you – this humpy little 19 year old is all about whipping it out and showing it off then eating his own cum. When Jeremy’s starts the camera rolling he seems a bit hesitant so he just hops up on the couch and strips off his underwear. Of course, he’s 19 so his weiner is already hard and ready to go. He gives it a good pounding then dumps a huge load all over his t-shirt. Without missing a beat he drops his cock and brings the shirt up to his mouth and sucks out every last drop of cum. Deelicious!

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There’s nothing put on or staged about Jeremy’s homemade video – it’s just a totally hot little guy relaxing and jacking off. This guy’s got a dick that’s made for fucking ass. If you know what I mean – It’s average length but really quite thick. You can imagine slobbering all over that beautiful pole before this humpy little stud stuffs it straight up your ass and rides you like there’s no tomorrow. Yeeehaw!

Jeremy isn’t shy about getting naked and showing off his rock hard and super-thick uncut cock. He plays with his tool then dumps a load on his t-shirt before licking it all up. Deelicious! This is red-hot homemade gay porn video.

There’s nothing like a cocky twink to start your week off right and there’s not many twinks like Tristan! He’s all confidence and good looks as he shows off his smooth belly and curvey weiner. Love it! You remember Tristan, right? Last time we saw him he was dumping a huge-ass load of cum all over his buddy Joey’s face. Well, according to Tristan Joey hogged the spotlight in his first video so he sent along a video that was only him. He’s a star, I tell you… A star!

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Hey, look! It’s a scruffy and ackward skater twink jerking off on his board! You say potato, I say cuuuuute! You know the guys that can’t quite get it together? They’re all clumsy and ackward like a new born deer but somehow manage to pull it all together just enough to be so hot you can’t believe it? Say hello to James Riley.cum-shot on skateboard jerk off cumshot young boysjerk off and cumshot