Jessie’s a cute, yet scruffy twink that comes equipped with a huge cock and a flexible back. Of course this means he can suck himself off!

He’s all puppy dog licks and gentle kisses as gets off on his own talented mouth. Can I keep him? I promise I’ll walk him every day. This guy self suck own cock!

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This guy heard about the site through another model and decided to apply immediately. He’s no stranger to adult work and you may recognise him from a few other sites!

I hadn’t even spoken to Kristian before the shoot – I left Blake to talk through the details and explain what it all involved. So when he walked through the door I was nervous as hell!

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After some coffee and an informal chat, we headed to the studio. I was somewhat surprised at how nervous Kristian was, but I guess it’s always going to be a little odd taking off your clothes in front of two strangers.

Never the less, he soon relaxed and got into the “rhythm” of things and ended with a very, very intense orgasm with plenty of cum flying everywhere…

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I had a call one evening from some friends who were going out to a new bar that had just opened. Now, while I try not to spend too much time in such places, I find it pretty hard to turn down the offer of a few beers and good company when it comes along :-)

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When I arrived at the bar I was introduced to Alex and his girlfriend. They were friends of my friends and I had never met them before, but I was immediately taken with Alex’s cheeky smile and giggly personality. After a few beers and plenty of laughs, the conversation turned to how the site was coming along. As I explained what the site was about to Alex and his girlfriend, she jumped in and said Alex was well equipped to feature!

Blushing bright red, Alex explained that he wasn’t gay and so he couldn’t do a film for us. Sensing that this guy had a lot more to offer, I persevered. In the end he stopped by to do the shoot after work one evening at very short notice. I’m sure glad I cancelled my plans for him that night… this guy and his big, beautiful cock are pretty captivating to say the least….

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Film duration: 17 minutes, high res file size: 220 MB – download this movie!

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Some of our amateur british men, others are toned and some are a little different from the norm. And Jamie is a stunning example of how different men can be! When I was first introduced to this charming 18 year old guy from our home city of Plymouth, I knew that he could offer something different to a lot of other guys…

And so Blake and I went about arranging a shoot with this fella. Jamie turned 18 just a month before we made this film and so he’s likely to be the youngest person you’ll ever see on this site. With an alternative look but the sweetest personality ever, our hearts really warmed to this guy.

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We never saw Jamie naked before the shoot. We had no idea what he would be like. Sometimes, life is better with a few surprises. And boy, did this guy surprise us with one of the nicest cocks we had ever seen! And he knew just how to work it too…

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Martin, one of our talent scouts, had spent 4 weeks encouraging this hot young guy to do a film for the site. Eventually Luke agreed and applied online. You can guess how quickly Blake and I went about arranging the shoot; we were so eager that we asked him to come over as soon as he was free – and that turned out to be in the evening after we had finished our day-jobs!

Having only spoken briefly to Luke over the phone, when I picked him up from the train station I was immediately struck by his confidence and humility. He’s such a polite guy but he has such an amazing presence that you’re absolutely captivated by him.

Well, after introducing him to Blake (who was clearly feeling the same as me!) we headed to the studio. This was such a fun shoot that I didn’t want it to end… and although Luke is "open minded" I’m hoping he’ll come back for another film soon! This one’s too hot to miss…

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What a guy! Casper was introduced to us through another model on this site. I met up with him late in the evening after he travelled down from Edinburgh, just before he was due to meet some friends and go out clubbing. Having talked about the site, he was very excited and we arranged to do the shoot the following morning.

11am came and went. I received a text a little later to say he was running late and that he would be with us shortly. When he finally arrived it was apparent that he had a pretty heavy evening. As the conversation went on, it turned out that Casper had pulled another guy and spent the night having wild sex – you can even see a love-bite on his shoulder!

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After some interesting stories of the nights’ events and several mugs of coffee later, we headed off to shoot the film. This guy likes to stroke real slow, but even with the previous night’s action, Casper is an absolute super-shooter! Enjoy…

Film duration: 14 minutes, high res file size: 175 MB – get this film now!

I met Sam in a nightclub on his birthday way before Christmas – he had just split up with his girlfriend of three years but I was sure he was interested in guys as well as women. It was a time when this site was just a pipe-dream but I remember thinking to myself back then that I’d really like to see this guy on film!

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As plans for this site grew and the project began, I tracked Sam down and went about persuading him to do a film for us. After several meetings, lunches and dinners, he finally agreed. Was I a happy man or what?

When we began to film it became apparent that he wasn’t the least bit shy – although he was way too modest. He had previously told me that he had an average sized cock, but when he pulled down his underwear I had to take a deep breath! Is eight and a half inches "average" where you live? If so, let me know and I’ll pack my things tomorrow!

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James was the first model that we filmed way back in February 05. He was referred to us by a friend and was initially a little reticent about featuring in an adult film for the web.

I arranged for James to come over for dinner one evening and explained everything about the site and what a shoot would involve. Feeling a little more relaxed about the project, he agreed to come along the following weekend and be our first model.

Although James was nervous, so were Blake and I! This was the first time we had filmed a guy wanking and it marked the beginning of this venture – and of course we had no idea how it would turn out. We set the lights, adjusted the cameras and the action started.

James was an incredibly good sport and everyone’s nerves soon ebbed away. In fact, we had plenty of laughs and the whole shoot was relaxed and fun. So is our first film any good? Watch it and make up your own mind!

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