Hey, it’s Tom Moore! It’s been a year or so since we’ve heard from this straight surfer but he’s still got that smooth twink body and that floppy mess of blonde surfer hair to top off his smug attitude… This crazy young blonde boy jerk off and fingering own ass before camera!

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And that attitude is everything! From that smirk that’s always on his face to the confident way he chuckles while recording himself – he’s knows he’s fucking hot and it emboldens him! Why, I bet he doesn’t even worry about what he looks like when he eats in public!

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He pulls the camera closer and stares at himself as he strokes the shaft of his cock. The smirk never leaves his face as his dick gets even harder. He reaches down and tugs his balls and this makes him moan, just a little bit. Not too loud but you can hear he’s into what he’s doing!

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This week’s video is the first in our special "Shot by Jack" series – real amateur guys getting it on but the video’s shot by us so you see everything! All the right angles and incredible closeups make you feel like you’re sitting right there with these guys! Yowza!

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If his floppy hair cut and long sideburns don’t clue you into the fact that he’s a bit edgie, his facial piercings are a dead giveaway! But there’s no attitude, no bullshit. He’s straight to business and the business is in his pants! Young boy take off his pants and start hard jerk off, real home made amateur porn video!

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The camera is up close and personal as Corey opens his mouth super wide and slides Aaron’s gorgeous cock into his mouth – all the way down. This young 18 y.o. guy isn’t just sucking cock, fellas. He’s making love to his buddy’s tool and it shows with every movement he makes. He’s savouring the experience and so am I! I think my own weiner just moved!

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Young boy posing nude, jerk off cock and show balls. Wow! Is it me or does this guy look just like an 18+ Prince Harry? It’s that lean white body and those rosy, rosy cheeks – I think I’m feeling faint…

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Harry’s pure sexual energy… He’s confident and he’s not afraid to show off for the camera. Add to this his stellar good looks and beautiful body and you might forget that this tight little stud is also a dirty little bugger. Until he’s shoving his asshole into the camera for everyone to get a good look! Hot!

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