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Group guys suck each other cocks. DILLON, KYROS & SHANE We were running out of time on our last shoot, so I asked the ’Super Twinks’ if they could shoot one last set with anyone there, who would it be? And the answer came very quick and very sure… Shane! And Shane couldn’t wait to get a mouth full of their jizz! As you’ll see, everyone went home satisfied. More pictures and video!

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Straight guys gay sex. PJ and Corbin Description:PJ and Corbin are school buddies, they take the same classes during the day and toss back a few beers at night. One night they were hanging out in a secluded corner of the bar playing the slots. PJ turned to Corbin and said "let’s make this a little more interesting, everytime we win something we have to take off a piece of clothing." Corbin agreed and after a winning streak they found themselves almost naked and getting very horny. After some mutual blowjobs they wind up with jizz on their faces and an audience of appreciative onlookers! Look on this straight guys on video