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The camera comes in for a magnificent close up as he continues to work his rock hard cock. Slow deliberate motions designed to maximize his pleasure ease into more forceful tugs as he mixes things up a bit.


The camera pulls back as he kicks off his underwear and slips his black t-shirt up and over his head.


He sits back up and looks right in the camera as he grinds his wrist into his cock with a herky jerky cirular motion that lights up his pleasure and races him towards the sweet relief of orgasm.

And it doesn’t take long before he freezes and grabs his cock as the cum starts to fly.

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He glances up at the camera with that cocky smile and stops stroking his cock for a second to let the camera drink in its meaty goodness. He just sits there looking at the camera with his boner poking at this stomach as if to say, "What are you waiting for?"

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I think Brendan is bi-curious as he has shown some interest in me in the past. I went in to check on him and to see if he needed anything but he was already passed out under the sheet and looking beautiful.

He has some great abs and I always like checking him out when he doesn’t have his shirt on. I was hoping that he was sleeping in the nude and went over to find out.

He didn’t wake up so I took matters into my own hands. May have been sleeping, but let me tell you, that big beautiful black cock of his sure wasn’t. I was amazed at how big it was when I finally pulled it out of his underwear.

I guess I picked a good guy to have a crush on because his huge black cock is amazing!

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Even though Ian was just a little nervous (what with this being the first time he had ever jacked off in front of cameras)

I can only say that he was a total joy to work with. His cock grew to its spectacular, fullest length real quick and there was Ian smiling away and eager to please!

This perfect specimen of young manhood was focused on working his big hard cock for me and you like a true professional… and as he played away and the camera’s rolled, I just couldn’t stop thinking how totally gorgeous he was in every single way possible !!

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He fucks himself gently with his index finger before pulling it out and spreading his cheeks to show off his glistening sphincter. He cranes his neck to try and see his own ass as he drives that finger back inside his body with a gasp. Shocked by the sensation but hungry for more!

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Jack is attending college on a baseball scholarship and he’s living his dream. “Baseball is everything to me. It’s like I was born with a bat in my hands!” Sometimes these things just write themselves…

The video starts with a close-up of Jack’s incredible blue eyes as he plays with his rock hard cock that’s already dripping with precum. He slides his fingers deep inside his asshole as he moans with the pure pleasure that penetration provides. He sits up and shoots a load nearly three feet in the air then scoops up the delicious mess and gobbles it up with a devilish grin!


Jack is standing in the living room playing with his rock hard cock inside his shorts. As the camera pulls back you can’t help but think that he might be the very definition of twink! His smooth compact body is fit and athletic and his beautiful blue eyes are enough to drive a man to drink. This little guy is fucking hot!

He drops his pants around his ankles and works the head of his cock out of the wasteband of his underwear. You can see a single drop of precum glistening on the head of his cock as he rubs his shaft and balls… The camera comes in for a close up of that delicious jewel of slippery goodness and Jack reaches in with his finger to smear that stuff around. He pulls his finger back and a delicate string of precum stretches between his delicious cock and finger tip.


He pushes off his underwear and stands there bare naked. A little shy but the mischievous look on his face lets you know this little fellow has got some dirty thoughts going on! His sooth body looks amazing in the afternoon sun as he slowly works his perfect pecker. The camera scans down his chest and captures all the beautiful detail of this horny 18 year old as he slowly works his shaft.

He sits back on the couch and looks up at the camera with a wanton puppy-dog look. Cute as a fucking button! A tiny smirk finds its way across his face as he looks down at his throbbing manhood and he starts stroking his perfect cock one more time. His movements are slow and methodical – nothing hurried and nothing put on for the camera. Just the simple beauty of a horny 18 year old twink maximizing his own pleasure!

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