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Damn! Jessie sure is a killer newbie at Blake Mason. He has  got that shaggy-haired surfer look, perfectly smooth golden skin that you could lick for ever and ever, a great personality with impeccable manners to match and, of course, a whopping great big uncut dick that anyone in their right mind would just love to get a hold of! Fuck, this guy is HOT in every sense of the word!!!

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Watch on threesome blowjob for amateur young boys. Chad has a nice cock and big silky balls aching for relief. Jacob is the first to go down on Chad’s cock as Anthony focuses on Chad’s body with his tongue.

By now, Chad is rock hard and starts whimpering at the feel of the warm mouth surrounding his cock. Both Anthony and Jacob start going down on Chad’s cock together and then alternating which one sucks him off. The boys are all talking to each other and are impressed when Anthony manages to take Chad’s cock all the way down to the base

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Amateur redhead guy fingering anus and jerking huge cock. He’s fit as fuck and although he’s just 18 years of age he’s got the confidence of a porn super-hero! Just look at him – he’s a total newbie with a charm that’s bound to win your heart… and with an immediate hard-on that just never gives up he’s bound to prove very, very popular!

His little tattoo above his underwear reads ‘blessed’ – a promise of things to come and sure enough his tattoo doesn’t lie! Sammy is a delight to behold – his gorgeous face,  fit body, flirty nature and his lovely thick uncut dick that’s almost 8 inches long make for the perfect package. In fact this guy has such a horny jerk-off that he loses all his inhibitions and before long, he’s losing a lovely thick load of cum too;-)

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Darren wants to pound hard so he rolls Anthony over onto all fours, gets behind him and drives his cock home. He doesn’t hold back, slamming his dick deep inside Anthony and drilling him with every ounce of energy he has. He then flips him onto his back, gives him several long, hard strokes with his balls slapping against Anthony’s ass then just at the last second he pulls out and sprays his hot jizz all over Anthony.

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  Dominic quickly leads the way and strips Tony out of his clothes… he teases Tony’s fat, hard, uncut cock  through his boxer shorts… and then pulls that throbbing, aching dick out in to freedom before he begins to devour it with his wet, warm mouth. When the pleasure gets too much, Tony hops down off the side and really goes to town on Dominic’s delicious dick with some amazingly  hot deepthroat action. It’s getting seriously hot – and they both knew what was coming!
Tony bends over and backs on to Dominic’s magnificent hard-on – he takes his impressive length in one go and Dominic then thrusts out and in, hard and fast.  They work their way on to the counter where Dominic can really fuck deeply in to Tony’s hole.. and then Tony perches across the worktops allowing Dominic to fuck upwards from underneath. This is a tremendous fuck session… and it ends with Tony laid on his back where Dominic fucks the cum out of him – literally!

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Redhead young boy – Chris gives his lovely huge cock a couple of strokes then sits back down on the couch. He’s really fucking cute as he just sits there lavishing attention on himself. Zero attitude.

Just a vibrant young man pleasuring himself with expert precision. Lost to the desire and deep in his own sexual fantasy. Amazing!



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They start watching the gay porn together and have that awkward exchange we have all had with another guy where we know where we want it to go but are not entirely sure the other guy feels the same way.  Sean asks Tyler how long it has been for him and Tyler answers back that it has been awhile. Sean plays it coy and says that if Tyler has nothing else to do… Tyler picks up the cue and starts to rub Seans cock through his camo military shorts and Sean returns the favor. Amateur young guy seduce army twink for taste gay sex.

Tyler takes his cock by the base and starts to go down on it while Sean moans. Sean has a nice huge cock with a beautiful head that Tyler teases in between trying to take it all the way down.

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We all met at the train station and the amateur guys began checking one another out and chatting each other up on the walk back to the apartment. Dan even turned around and gave me a cheeky thumbs up while they were walking! Leroy was all smiles too, and from there I could tell these guys were going to end in a big, sweaty, cum-splattered mess! So without delay they hopped on the bed and after a quick intro the long awaited first kiss happened!

Dan leads the way in the foreplay, just wanting to suck on Leroy’s veiny uncut cock and he does so masterfully. In fact he’s so keen to suck on that cock that Leroy only gets to suck Dan while they were 69ing – what a hungry boy, eh? Soon Leroy’s itching to fuck so he slides his uncut cock deep in to Dan and fucks him hard while he’s lying on his back. He flips him to doggy and pounds away some more before he pushes him up on the bed… ploughing away until Dan shoots his thick creamy load of cum. But Dan’s still horny and slides down the bed to receive Leroy’s huge load – in his face 😉

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Amateur boys take real bareback sex. After a random meeting at the park Hulio invites Ignasio back to his place. Ignasio agrees since he doesn`t have anything else going on. When he gets there however, Hulio pretty much jumps his bones and begins to kiss him. Ignasio then slides to his knees so that he can suck on Hulio`s cock, as he pulls it out of his underwear. Hulio takes time to strip them both, and then gives Ignasio`s ass a good licking, before he spreads his ass cheeks and fills them with hard cock meat. These boys heated up the kitchen and left it sticky with jizz.

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College stud Jake has been wanting skater twink, Jacob’s sweet round ass since the day he saw him. When we put the two of these horny guys together, Jake couldn’t wait to get Jacob’s pants off and bury his face between his legs. Almost immediately, this video begins with hot, hard core gay sex! Pants quickly come off and naked hard cocks and round, bare ass are exposed! Jake sucks Jacobs young cock, then spreads his legs and rims his ass. Jake positions himself in a 69 situation and sets his ass on Jacobs face. Jacob tongues Jake’s asshole and once both guys have their asses wet and loosened, Jake begins to fuck Jacob’s tight, twink, young ass!

The boys moan as their bodies pump! As Jacob nears orgasm, he stimulates his hard cock with Jake’s chest and face before shooting a huge, thick load of cum all over his sex partner! In turn, Jake fondles and fingers Jacob’s ass and erupts in a volcano of jizz!

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The shy demeanour of Evan masks his wild party side, and somehow I think the air of innocence is all a clever ploy. This guy’s really all about fun, and at 18 he is the perfect age to enjoy it!

He describes himself as his dream guy and soon sets about proving it! But as this was Evan’s first time bearing all in front of the cameras we decided to allow him the luxury of stripping down in his own time and man, Evan sure likes to tease !!

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One finger is replaced by two and he starts a slow in and out motion as he stretches his hole as wide as he can take. Burying those fingers deep then slowly sliding them out and spreading his hole wide open. He spreads his cheeks and his hole gapes wide open for you to look right inside his body! He gently rubs the inside of his open hole with his finger before driving it back inside his body with a grunt.



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Aiden is an amateur straight boys from Ohio that got stuck down here after a job didn’t pan out.

Since Aiden is broke and Jake hasn’t been laid in about 2 weeks I felt it was the perfect opportunity to get them to fool around for us on video.
They both grabbed their cocks and it was interesting to see that they didn’t even have undies on.

They even took some of my jack off lube and as they checked out the pics in the playboys they began to jerk off those cocks of theirs.

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I know all these boys are in college, so after a bit I offer them some green to do a round of blowjobs for the cameras. It was Jimmy that dropped his pants first, then Sean slowly peels off his swim togs and showed us his package.

The boys were laughing and calling his cock small, but I’ve seen that dick and they are in for a big surprise. While Cameron sucked and jerked on Tucker everyone was doing their own jerking. I didn’t let him stay long,

I sent him on to Sean’s dick and he began sucking the shit out of it.

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