Aah… Hawaii. Landon and Miles decided to come along with us on a recent trip to Hawaii to find a house to shoot the next Alumni Weekend in. It wasn’t ALL fun and games though, as we catch up with Landon walking along the beach after rugged session boogie boarding. After Landon cleans up in the shower, he finishes by stroking in the den. The final scene is a sexy session in the loft above the living room.

Our newest frat boy is Clayton, and his physique is amazing! It’s hard to know where to start when admiring Clayton’s naked body. There is his bulging chest, his abs, his broad shoulders, and that bubble butt. Our stunning man gets naked for a shower, but decides to jerk his dick for a bit. Before long, he loses control and delivers a big cumshot.

Blow your mind by this epic video of two sets of twins, undaunted by the camera or by getting hard and jacking off in front of each other. See Jesse, Joshua, Dustin and Darren together at the same time both in the shower and in bed. Get to know these colleges guys both one-on-one and as a horny, playful group. See who cums first and who cums the most as each twin races to the finish.

Fratmen Bradley has one of those goofy, mischievous smiles that will just melt your heart. Add into the mix some soft, smooth skin, a rippling six-pack and his lightly furry bubble butt and you have a classic Fratmen college jock.

Caleb spends a good deal of his time upside down. He is a gymnast who loves to turn flips and dive in the pool. Caleb demonstrates his gymnastic abilites and then heads to take a hot bath to sooth his sore muslces. Later he gets worked up in the bedroom and blows on more huge load before heading out.

Fratmen Trent is a totally jacked football jock. His body is amazing to watch. After some time on the field, Trent retires to the locker room where he strips nude. When Trent is fully naked, we get a perfect look at every bulging muscle and his thick, fat cock. It’s a locker room fantasy come true. Our jock jerks his dick and cums buckets.

Nothing is more fun than challenging a buddy to a wrestling match. Fratmen On The Mat brings four Fratmen together for some wrestling and four sizzling-hot solo scenes. Carter takes on Sam and Daniel takes on Kelan in this collection that will leave you gasping for air.

Time for another Fratmen Pledge Class! This time Kumar leads the pack. His body has changed a lot from last time, and it shows when he gets naked by the pool. Every muscle bulges on this man, especially his muscular butt. You almost lose focus on his uncut cock. Kumar jerks his dick until he cums and lies back exhausted.

The first of the Fratmen’s Greatest Shots title in High Definition! You won’t want to miss this action packed montage video featuring Fratmen at their most climatic moment where some of the best spills take place between what we like to value as one of the most valuable characteristics these men have to offer, their washboard abs.

Jaxon has a pretty consistent routine of going to gym to exercise, hit the showers and head back to his dorm room. It’s customary for Jaxon to make use of his camera phone to measure the results of his routine work out results and sometimes admire his body completely. In a simple routine like this Jaxon just can’t help getting a little more creative with his camera

He’s back! After a nearly 3-year absence, Collin re-welcomes us with a warm yet adventurous aloha greeting. Diving through some of the local coral, Collin gives us a tele-microscopic look at a luxurious deep blue underwater world. And after a vigorous climb through the jungle, Collin gives us one of the most exotic natural nudist endeavors Fratmen has ever seen.

There’s something about the hair that gives a guy away as a competitive swimmer. Or maybe it’s the broad shoulders. Or that tan line… but we digress. There’s only one thing better than a college jock in a black Speedo, and that’s a college jock who takes his black Speedo off. This week, you can watch Fratmen Andres with his both on AND off. Andres comb your hair!

Basking in Shawn has side effects you may not be aware of: Broken hearts, shed tears, broken bonds, an outbreak of quarrels and perhaps the most serious case of jealousy you’ve ever undergone. Words can’t describe the feeling you get just standing next to this man. The best way to describe it is simply… words don’t do justice and as intriguing as it may sound, remember… this isn’t just any man, it’s, Shawn!