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He’s scruffy. He’s hung. He’s straight. And he likes it in the ass! He doesn’t spend a lot of time fussing with his looks and he doesn’t need to! From his ruggedly handsome face to his furry belly and natural physique… This one is good to go! Oh, and did I mention that monster-sized cock? It’s freaking huge! The video opens with Derek adjusting the camera before flopping on the bed and getting comfortable. He’s got this impish grin on his face as he reaches down and starts to unbutton his pants. No nerves from this one – he’s way into showing off and can’t wait to get the party started!

He pushes his pants around his ankles and sits up on the edge of the bed. You can already see his incredible cock growing in his light grey briefs as he slowly rubs his balls through the thin cotton. His growing cock snakes up the right side of his shorts and the bulge doesn’t stop until it’s nearly at his hip! Oh, this is gonna be good! He leans back on the bed and takes a good look at himself in the camera’s LCD monitor before popping his boner out the leg of his underwear. As soon as the massive head is exposed that same impish grin spreads across his

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It’s a blustery day in England and Matt decides to enjoy some action from the Folsom St. Fair on his lap-top. Suddenly he finds himself interacting with the spanker on the screen and what was his fantasy becomes his reality.
Paul demonstrates what it’s like to get spanked at Folsom in a long spanking on the jeans, briefs and bare butt, using his hand, a small paddle and leather strap – in a variety of positions. Not a traditional spanking for bad behavior, this is a hot spanking between two guys who love the fetish and it really Shows.!

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The twisted Freddie dream fucker sequel continues with Ryan Conners playing the creepy, horny twink fucker. This time he’s “torturing” Dean Holland and Jordan Ashton by making then cum hard and fast while he sticks dildos up their asses and makes them pound each other good and hard. The torture ends when all the boys explode with cum in a final scene of satisfaction.

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The camera is up close and personal as Corey opens his mouth super wide and slides Aaron’s gorgeous cock into his mouth – all the way down. This guy isn’t just sucking cock, fellas. He’s making love to his buddy’s tool and it shows with every movement he makes. He’s savouring the experience and so am I! I think my own weiner just moved!!

This week’s video is the first in our special “Shot by Jack” series – real amateur guys getting it on but the video’s shot by us so you see everything! All the right angles and incredible closeups make you feel like you’re sitting right there with these guys! Yowza! When the video opens, Corey’s got his hand up Aaaron’s pant leg as they joke around with the videographer (hey, that’s me!) There’s a great relationship between all three of us and it really shows as everyone is totally relaxed and natural right off the bat. It doesn’t take Aaron long to interject, “Well, I’m getting naked now…” and the action is off and running. He whips off his shorts and reveals his already hard cock stretching the fabric of his underwear. Corey isn’t wasting any time so he pulls Aaron’s underwear down and grab’s his buddy’s 7 inch uncut rod. And speaking of rods, can I just say – Aaron’s cock is fucking gorgeous. Rock hard and perfectly shaped – deelicious! The anticipation builds for a little while longer as Corey takes of his clothes to match Aaron. Aaron’s eyes are locked on Corey’s crotch as he methodically removes his clothese before diving on Aaron’s cock.

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Tigger’s cute and hung and he’s never looked better… He’s been hitting the gym hard out since we last saw him and it shows! Tigger tells me that he prefers to have sex that isn’t so damn serious. It’s all entertainment to him and in between bursts of dirty activities he likes to joke around and just be himself. His video reflects this – the whole thing becomes a natural, honest expression of his own sexuality.

He peels off his socks and tosses them on the floor before slipping off his jeans and relaxing on the bed. The combo of white muscle shirt and white boxers puts you in the mind of a navy seaman as he lays back on the bed. He’s confident and relaxed and he’s ready for action. He opens the fly of his boxers and fishes out his fully hard uncut cock and gives it a few tugs.

The camera can’t resist and zooms in for some close-up actions as he slowly rolls his foreskin up and over the sensitive head. He grins as the camera pulls back and he can see his cock poking proudly out of his pants in the camera’s LCD monitor. The shorts and shirt come off and finally Tigger’s naked on the bed. His smooth tanned skin shows off his growing muscles perfectly. He does some silly muscle builder poses as his hard cock dangles between his legs

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What do you call a bi-sexual with a smooth purple dildo crammed in his ass? Corey Cyhper, that’s what! This one could talk himself out of just about any jam, I suspect – those gorgeous brown eyes… That adoreable face… This is the kind of guy you fall in love with before you even see his killer bod and delicious ass. Fore! As the video opens, he’s talking about himself and describing what it means for him to be a bi-sexual built for two (Daisy… Daisy?) Turns out it’s a very natural thing for him…


He’s into attractive people – sometimes it’s guys, sometimes it’s girls. I’d say however they’re always lucky to be bunking down with a hot little number like Corey! But I digress… As far as sex is concerned, Corey says, “I just like getting…” And I could swear he was going to say “I just like getting fucked!” but he stops himself and after an ackward pause finishes his sentence – “I just like getting to cum!” Um, okay… But judging by how you handle that dildo, I’d say you’re not too hung up about getting fucked, Corey! Figth the power! But enough chit-chat… He quickly strips down to his underwear and gently massages his dick through the thin

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It’s no secret that Aaron and I got along amazingly well (one of the few guys that I’ve met in this job that I actually hung out with…) but this video takes the cake. There’s zero tension and nothing is held back as this adorable little fucker goes the extra mile!

He always considered himself a top (and a good one at that!) but I somehow convinced him to play with a butt plug. Judging by how his cock leaps to attention the second that little puppy is inside his ass, I’d say he likes it! When the video opens, Aaron and I are fooling around and cracking each other up as I try to get a few basic questions out of the way…

We find out a bit about his recent sex life including the guy who gave him head and gobbled up his load in his parent’s garage. The thing that really strikes you about this opening sequence is how fucking adorable this guy is! This is one of the sweetest guys I’ve met – his compact frame the perfect counter to his huge voice. His eyes sparkle at once with curiosity and mischief.

This is the kind of stuff you can’t fake and Aaron knows it! Pretty soon he’s itching to get out of his clothes so he strips off his shoes and socks before

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Music has clearly always been one of Kris Wallace’s great passions, but does it compare to his love of raw dick? Well, if this fantastic scene with Kevin Ateah (plus mannequin) is anything to go by then the answer to that question is most definitely a big fat no! Not that there’s anything wrong with seeing the boy strum on his guitar in the opening moments of this raunchy encounter; but the arrival of Ateah soon sees Wallace putting his instrument to one side so that he focus all his attention on the juicy package that the young Pole knows is stuffed inside Ateah’s crotch.

Mind, it’s a passion that’s evidently shared by Ateah himself, and it doesn’t come as any surprise when we see the two lads slurping off each other’s cocks 69-style shortly afterwards. It’s a turn of events that quite evidently puts both guys in the mood for something even more intense; and, having engaged in some mutual rimming, it’s time for Wallace to put his butt on the line for his legion of hot, lusty fans. Cue a fabulous session of sweaty, breathless, bareback fucking that sees Ateah fucking the living daylights out of his buddy.Not content with a straightforward rut, however, Ateah’s soon giving Wallace’s crack the full treatment whilst his own pucker is being stretched by a butt-plug! Seems that both these beauties have a desire to be filled; and it’s no surprise when each proceeds to bust their nuts in right royal style, leaving them drained, satisfied and (in the case of Wallace’s face) coated in jizz!

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Grayson Lange wouldn’t stop asking for scene with Justin Owen from the moment Justin was signed. Grayson is one of those tasty twinkies that every fan yearns to get their hands on and Helix hot stud Justin Owen does just that.

The strapping and smoldering Adonis goes to town on the barely legal butt boy with his beer can cock like a well oiled fuck machine and grants Grayson more than he ever dreamed of.

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Angelic super cutie Casey Tanner, and his big-dick sweetheart, Blake Mitchell join all American hunk heartbreaker Kody Knight in this all star fantasy threeway sex.

Casey Tanner, an insatiable bottom shared by two top titans, gets skewered by Blake and Kody as his delicious ass and sweet mouth get stuffed by their enormous young bones.

This insanely hot suck and fuckfest leaves all three twinks glistening in sweat and covered cum.

Tommie Reed shows up every day to clean the pools. Chad Hollywood show up every day to watch him. This day is special though because he finally gets up the courage to talk to Tommie. Talking leads to touching and the rest is history.
Chad gives Tommie the good hard dicking he’s known for and the two fuck like rabbits until they both cum.