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Needless to say, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s Guardi a few years older than Hollander, and boasting a body that’s clearly testimony to having spent many hours in the gym who proves the dominant party in this coupling; whilst Hollander acts out the role of perfect bitch, slurping on his mate’s cock, rimming his ass and (ultimately) providing Guardi a warm, hungry ass-hole to fuck!And let’s be honest here and confirm that the dark-haired top makes the very, very most of the opportunity, banging away at Hollander’s pucker with the kind of energy that had previously been displayed within the confines of the plasma globe. It’s little surprise, therefore, that it’s not long before both these beauties are knocking out generous wads for your entertainment by which time, no doubt, your own knob will be responding with a similar spiteful fury!

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Dane is one of the most popular models on YouLoveJack so of course we asked him back for a “shot by jack” video! And if you think he was hot when he was on his own, you gotta see this video!

He’s all decked out with earthy dread locks and a scruffy beard but his angelic face can’t hide what a sweet heart he really is. This impish little fucker is bound to find his way straight into your heart (or your pants, if you’re lucky!) He starts off by telling us a bit about himself – he’s into music (all sorts) and writing.

And pot. Ya, that’s right – this tree hugging twink likes to smoke up.

Says it makes him horny! I say, get this man a lighter! After a bit of joking around he plainly states that he enjoys being naked and one quick edit later he’s bare-assed and ready to go! Next thing you know he’s bare naked and sprawled out on the bed. His body is tough and athletic but totally natural. A little bit hairy, a little bit muscular – but nothing manicured. Pure natural beauty radiates off of him and it’s a refreshing change from all the tweezed and shaved twinks that seem to be everywhere these days! He’s got a 7 inch uncut cock that has an average sized head but grows

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Chase is an interesting one. He’s got that handsome but plain look – the kind of guy that grows on ya.
Then he takes is shirt off and ZOWIE!

This is one 100% babe-a-licious! He’s been dancing for as long as he can remember so of course he’s got abs of death. Add this to his long and lean frame and his killer smile and you’ve got boyfriend material. I’m keeping him! I ask him a few questions at the beginning of the video to break the ice. He’s a bit nervous but equally excited about his porn debut. He tells us he’s a dancer and that he’s doing this for the fun of it. What’s fun about it?

He likes being the center of attention and he actually gets paid for doing it! I’ll leave that one alone… LOL! Enough small talk – it’s time to get this one naked. Once the shirt comes off and his gorgeous ripped abs are revealed all nerves are gone and Chase is all about the show. He explains that most of the guys he meet just like touching his stomach. With their cocks!

Once he’s down to his underwear he explains that he’s versatile in the bedroom department but more of a top. Aren’t they all? You really get to see how long and lean this guy’s frame is.



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