You don’t need a plasma globe to tell you that this fabulous encounter between blond cutie, Chris Hollander, and STAXUS favourite, Ennio Guardi, is electric but the two fellows decided to bring one along for the occasion just to prove it! Unsurprisingly, the orb sparks up into a veritable frenzy as the two lads press it against their dicks; but ultimately the novelty of the toy can’t ever really hope to compete in the face of some good old-fashioned sucking and fucking.Hence it comes as no surprise when it disappears from sight and the guys get down to the business of giving their horny fans a truly terrific electric display all of their own.

Needless to say, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s Guardi a few years older than Hollander, and boasting a body that’s clearly testimony to having spent many hours in the gym who proves the dominant party in this coupling; whilst Hollander acts out the role of perfect bitch, slurping on his mate’s cock, rimming his ass and (ultimately) providing Guardi a warm, hungry ass-hole to fuck!And let’s be honest here and confirm that the dark-haired top makes the very, very most of the opportunity, banging away at Hollander’s pucker with the kind of energy that had previously been displayed within the confines of the plasma globe. It’s little surprise, therefore, that it’s not long before both these beauties are knocking out generous wads for your entertainment by which time, no doubt, your own knob will be responding with a similar spiteful fury!

Benjamin Dunn, Oscar Roberts and Adrian Smallwood can’t think of any greater fun than shaking their booties to some crazy dance music well, apart from fucking each other senseless, that is! Which no doubt explains the progression of events in this stupendous scene, as the three would-be disco-divas abandon their footloose antics in favour of some good old-fashioned, primeval cock-worship.And with three dicks like this on display there’s plenty of rampant male flesh for everyone to enjoy!For some young lads, however, sucking dick is never quite gonna be enough; and whilst Dunn and Smallwood consume every knob on offer with their ever-greedy mouths, it’s no time at all before Roberts is parting his ass-cheeks and inviting his mates to give his hungry little pucker the banging of a lifetime. An invitation that his compatriots are not in the nature of turning down!

What’s more, young Roberts is evidentally in the mood for something a little more intense than just a simple fuck from his mates. He wants both lads at the same time, and it’s not long before the two tops are helping make all his wishes come true.Still not content, the fellow then receives a stupendous fisting that stretches his ass-hole even further if indeed that’s possible!

By the time that Dunn and Smallwood spew their balls all over the guy’s over-worked rump there’s every chance that this boy’s antics will have left you totally exhausted and completely drained! In short, satisfaction guaranteed!

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The camera is up close and personal as Corey opens his mouth super wide and slides Aaron’s gorgeous cock into his mouth – all the way down. This guy isn’t just sucking cock, fellas. He’s making love to his buddy’s tool and it shows with every movement he makes. He’s savouring the experience and so am I! I think my own weiner just moved!!

This week’s video is the first in our special “Shot by Jack” series – real amateur guys getting it on but the video’s shot by us so you see everything! All the right angles and incredible closeups make you feel like you’re sitting right there with these guys! Yowza! When the video opens, Corey’s got his hand up Aaaron’s pant leg as they joke around with the videographer (hey, that’s me!) There’s a great relationship between all three of us and it really shows as everyone is totally relaxed and natural right off the bat. It doesn’t take Aaron long to interject, “Well, I’m getting naked now…” and the action is off and running. He whips off his shorts and reveals his already hard cock stretching the fabric of his underwear. Corey isn’t wasting any time so he pulls Aaron’s underwear down and grab’s his buddy’s 7 inch uncut rod. And speaking of rods, can I just say – Aaron’s cock is fucking gorgeous. Rock hard and perfectly shaped – deelicious! The anticipation builds for a little while longer as Corey takes of his clothes to match Aaron. Aaron’s eyes are locked on Corey’s crotch as he methodically removes his clothese before diving on Aaron’s cock.

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Music has clearly always been one of Kris Wallace’s great passions, but does it compare to his love of raw dick? Well, if this fantastic scene with Kevin Ateah (plus mannequin) is anything to go by then the answer to that question is most definitely a big fat no! Not that there’s anything wrong with seeing the boy strum on his guitar in the opening moments of this raunchy encounter; but the arrival of Ateah soon sees Wallace putting his instrument to one side so that he focus all his attention on the juicy package that the young Pole knows is stuffed inside Ateah’s crotch.

Mind, it’s a passion that’s evidently shared by Ateah himself, and it doesn’t come as any surprise when we see the two lads slurping off each other’s cocks 69-style shortly afterwards. It’s a turn of events that quite evidently puts both guys in the mood for something even more intense; and, having engaged in some mutual rimming, it’s time for Wallace to put his butt on the line for his legion of hot, lusty fans. Cue a fabulous session of sweaty, breathless, bareback fucking that sees Ateah fucking the living daylights out of his buddy.Not content with a straightforward rut, however, Ateah’s soon giving Wallace’s crack the full treatment whilst his own pucker is being stretched by a butt-plug! Seems that both these beauties have a desire to be filled; and it’s no surprise when each proceeds to bust their nuts in right royal style, leaving them drained, satisfied and (in the case of Wallace’s face) coated in jizz!


  Dominic quickly leads the way and strips Tony out of his clothes… he teases Tony’s fat, hard, uncut cock  through his boxer shorts… and then pulls that throbbing, aching dick out in to freedom before he begins to devour it with his wet, warm mouth. When the pleasure gets too much, Tony hops down off the side and really goes to town on Dominic’s delicious dick with some amazingly  hot deepthroat action. It’s getting seriously hot – and they both knew what was coming!
Tony bends over and backs on to Dominic’s magnificent hard-on – he takes his impressive length in one go and Dominic then thrusts out and in, hard and fast.  They work their way on to the counter where Dominic can really fuck deeply in to Tony’s hole.. and then Tony perches across the worktops allowing Dominic to fuck upwards from underneath. This is a tremendous fuck session… and it ends with Tony laid on his back where Dominic fucks the cum out of him – literally!

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Amateur couple gay sex
Amateur couple gay sex
Young guys cumshot on each other body
young guys cumshot on each other body

Anyway, it’s Will who first pays some special oral attention on Dean’s big long dick. In fact, dean was quite captivated at watching his new fuck buddy slurp away, but he certainly wasn’t shy in returning the favour. While I’ve filmed a lot of cock sucking over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy worship dick the way Dean did – but hey, Will’s cock deserved it!

Having got each other all horned up, Will takes the lead and begins to gently fuck Dean with his thick hefty cock. Dean then goes on top and rides away, his cock slapping and rubbing against Will’s taught stomach as he goes. Finally, well, Will wanted to pick up the speed a little so he ploughed away at Dean’s arse until he could hold off no longer. Beautiful

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Young boy suck big dick first time

The action begins with some lovely body and cock worshiping as the guys suck each other up to full hardness. It’s quite a suck-fest as Matt devours Nathan’s meat with wanton lust, and of course Nathan is a real happy man to get such prized meat sliding in out of his mouth! Ah, I love to see people happy…

Young guys ride on huge cock
Young guys ride on huge cock

But Nathan didn’t come back just to have that huge cock in his mouth… oh no, he wanted to feel it pumping away in his sweet arse! Well, Matt was more than willing to help out his new play mate and what a fuck fest it turned out to be! Nathan ended up shooting his load while Matt was buried deep inside him… and then he wanted a facial too! Some people are so demanding….

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gay boys suck cock in 69 pose

Young boys. There’s plenty of kissing in this one as the guys explore each other’s mouths, while Bobby is the first to go down and suck on Zach’s big uncut cock. The guys bounce back and forth, sucking each other’s tasty meat in turn before Bobby decides to give Zach’s arse a good tongue lashing… and man does he enjoy it!

Young boys lick balls
young boys lick balls

Having taken it in turns to suck each other, Bobby and Zach finally settle down in to a great 69 position – they sure wanted to feel the delight of sucking and getting sucked at the same time! Man, were these fellas intent on sucking and wanking each other or what? And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how it all ends…

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Martin, one of our talent scouts, had spent 4 weeks encouraging this hot young guy to do a film for the site. Eventually Luke agreed and applied online. You can guess how quickly Blake and I went about arranging the shoot; we were so eager that we asked him to come over as soon as he was free – and that turned out to be in the evening after we had finished our day-jobs!

Having only spoken briefly to Luke over the phone, when I picked him up from the train station I was immediately struck by his confidence and humility. He’s such a polite guy but he has such an amazing presence that you’re absolutely captivated by him.

Well, after introducing him to Blake (who was clearly feeling the same as me!) we headed to the studio. This was such a fun shoot that I didn’t want it to end… and although Luke is "open minded" I’m hoping he’ll come back for another film soon! This one’s too hot to miss…

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Film duration: 18 minutes, high res file size: 225 MB – watch full movie now!

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What a guy! Casper was introduced to us through another model on this site. I met up with him late in the evening after he travelled down from Edinburgh, just before he was due to meet some friends and go out clubbing. Having talked about the site, he was very excited and we arranged to do the shoot the following morning.

11am came and went. I received a text a little later to say he was running late and that he would be with us shortly. When he finally arrived it was apparent that he had a pretty heavy evening. As the conversation went on, it turned out that Casper had pulled another guy and spent the night having wild sex – you can even see a love-bite on his shoulder!

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After some interesting stories of the nights’ events and several mugs of coffee later, we headed off to shoot the film. This guy likes to stroke real slow, but even with the previous night’s action, Casper is an absolute super-shooter! Enjoy…

Film duration: 14 minutes, high res file size: 175 MB – get this film now!

This one likes to think he’s tough but one look at his homemade gay porn video and you can tell he’s just a dirty frat guy with a great big weiner and a desire to show it off. Either way, we like him! The thing that so great about Joey is that he’s just a spunky little tough guy acting like he’s ready for a brawl the whole time the camera’s running. Meanwhile you can totally tell he’s way into jacking off but more importantly – JACKING OFF ON CAMERA! Dude is into showing off and it breaks down his hard tough guy exterior. Love it!

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