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Then he takes is shirt off and ZOWIE!

This is one 100% babe-a-licious! He’s been dancing for as long as he can remember so of course he’s got abs of death. Add this to his long and lean frame and his killer smile and you’ve got boyfriend material. I’m keeping him! I ask him a few questions at the beginning of the video to break the ice. He’s a bit nervous but equally excited about his porn debut. He tells us he’s a dancer and that he’s doing this for the fun of it. What’s fun about it?

He likes being the center of attention and he actually gets paid for doing it! I’ll leave that one alone… LOL! Enough small talk – it’s time to get this one naked. Once the shirt comes off and his gorgeous ripped abs are revealed all nerves are gone and Chase is all about the show. He explains that most of the guys he meet just like touching his stomach. With their cocks!

Once he’s down to his underwear he explains that he’s versatile in the bedroom department but more of a top. Aren’t they all? You really get to see how long and lean this guy’s frame is.



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Who could possibly hope to resist the wayward charms of the ever-gorgeous Dick Casey? Not young Adam Brooke, that’s for sure, especially given the chap’s clearly emotional state at the beginning of this unforgettable coupling. Fact is that Casey has the youngster out of his pants almost before the viewer has chance to catch breath; and moments later both lads are taking turns to slurp on each other’s dicks like a couple of bitches in season.Then again, should that really come as any great surprise?

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Patrick Kennedy must have been waiting impatiently for Noah Carlisle to arrive because as soon as Noah rings the doorbell he’s grabbed and pulled inside. They don’t waste time talking; Patrick undresses his twink friend and begins sucking him off. It’s Noah who holds onto the bed frame while he gets rammed from behind, hot and bare. When the fucking gets to be too much they both explode with cum all over each other in this delicious bedroom scene.Pictures

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Is there anything hotter than watching a gorgeous guy at work? Certainly Matt Johnson doesn’t seem to think so, as he sits gazing out at Orlando White labouring in the garden and looking every inch as fucking gorgeous as ever. Not that Johnson is in any way inferior in the looks department; and by the time the two beauties have been brought together there’s every good chance that you’ll have fallen head over heels in lust with the pair of them!A predicament that’s likely only to get even more intense as the two boy-babes tear off their clothes and begin to engage in just the kind of ball-churning debauchery that your mother used to warn you about! Believe us, these two dudes really are on heat for this scene Johnson in particular, as he first eagerly slurps on White’s over-experienced fuck-handle, and then races to get his ass seated nicely on his buddy’s lap. This may or may not be the fellow’s first man-to-man fuck, but if it is then he’s a born natural, riding his butt up and down White’s cock like an old-time pro.It’s a sight that’s gonna get you dirty fuckers in quite a lather for sure; but matters only get even more intense when White replaces his dick with his hand, fisting the young rascal for all that he’s worth. To his credit, Johnson takes all five digits with relative ease by which point there’s every chance that you’ll have creamed big style. If not, then the concluding spooge-off will almost certainly do the trick White’s blast into Johnson’s mouth a veritable highlight!

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He’s scruffy. He’s hung. He’s straight. And he likes it in the ass! He doesn’t spend a lot of time fussing with his looks and he doesn’t need to! From his ruggedly handsome face to his furry belly and natural physique… This one is good to go! Oh, and did I mention that monster-sized cock? It’s freaking huge! The video opens with Derek adjusting the camera before flopping on the bed and getting comfortable. He’s got this impish grin on his face as he reaches down and starts to unbutton his pants. No nerves from this one – he’s way into showing off and can’t wait to get the party started!

He pushes his pants around his ankles and sits up on the edge of the bed. You can already see his incredible cock growing in his light grey briefs as he slowly rubs his balls through the thin cotton. His growing cock snakes up the right side of his shorts and the bulge doesn’t stop until it’s nearly at his hip! Oh, this is gonna be good! He leans back on the bed and takes a good look at himself in the camera’s LCD monitor before popping his boner out the leg of his underwear. As soon as the massive head is exposed that same impish grin spreads across his

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The twisted Freddie dream fucker sequel continues with Ryan Conners playing the creepy, horny twink fucker. This time he’s “torturing” Dean Holland and Jordan Ashton by making then cum hard and fast while he sticks dildos up their asses and makes them pound each other good and hard. The torture ends when all the boys explode with cum in a final scene of satisfaction.


Tigger’s cute and hung and he’s never looked better… He’s been hitting the gym hard out since we last saw him and it shows! Tigger tells me that he prefers to have sex that isn’t so damn serious. It’s all entertainment to him and in between bursts of dirty activities he likes to joke around and just be himself. His video reflects this – the whole thing becomes a natural, honest expression of his own sexuality.

He peels off his socks and tosses them on the floor before slipping off his jeans and relaxing on the bed. The combo of white muscle shirt and white boxers puts you in the mind of a navy seaman as he lays back on the bed. He’s confident and relaxed and he’s ready for action. He opens the fly of his boxers and fishes out his fully hard uncut cock and gives it a few tugs.

The camera can’t resist and zooms in for some close-up actions as he slowly rolls his foreskin up and over the sensitive head. He grins as the camera pulls back and he can see his cock poking proudly out of his pants in the camera’s LCD monitor. The shorts and shirt come off and finally Tigger’s naked on the bed. His smooth tanned skin shows off his growing muscles perfectly. He does some silly muscle builder poses as his hard cock dangles between his legs

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What do you call a bi-sexual with a smooth purple dildo crammed in his ass? Corey Cyhper, that’s what! This one could talk himself out of just about any jam, I suspect – those gorgeous brown eyes… That adoreable face… This is the kind of guy you fall in love with before you even see his killer bod and delicious ass. Fore! As the video opens, he’s talking about himself and describing what it means for him to be a bi-sexual built for two (Daisy… Daisy?) Turns out it’s a very natural thing for him…


He’s into attractive people – sometimes it’s guys, sometimes it’s girls. I’d say however they’re always lucky to be bunking down with a hot little number like Corey! But I digress… As far as sex is concerned, Corey says, “I just like getting…” And I could swear he was going to say “I just like getting fucked!” but he stops himself and after an ackward pause finishes his sentence – “I just like getting to cum!” Um, okay… But judging by how you handle that dildo, I’d say you’re not too hung up about getting fucked, Corey! Figth the power! But enough chit-chat… He quickly strips down to his underwear and gently massages his dick through the thin

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It’s no secret that Aaron and I got along amazingly well (one of the few guys that I’ve met in this job that I actually hung out with…) but this video takes the cake. There’s zero tension and nothing is held back as this adorable little fucker goes the extra mile!

He always considered himself a top (and a good one at that!) but I somehow convinced him to play with a butt plug. Judging by how his cock leaps to attention the second that little puppy is inside his ass, I’d say he likes it! When the video opens, Aaron and I are fooling around and cracking each other up as I try to get a few basic questions out of the way…

We find out a bit about his recent sex life including the guy who gave him head and gobbled up his load in his parent’s garage. The thing that really strikes you about this opening sequence is how fucking adorable this guy is! This is one of the sweetest guys I’ve met – his compact frame the perfect counter to his huge voice. His eyes sparkle at once with curiosity and mischief.

This is the kind of stuff you can’t fake and Aaron knows it! Pretty soon he’s itching to get out of his clothes so he strips off his shoes and socks before

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Grayson Lange wouldn’t stop asking for scene with Justin Owen from the moment Justin was signed. Grayson is one of those tasty twinkies that every fan yearns to get their hands on and Helix hot stud Justin Owen does just that.

The strapping and smoldering Adonis goes to town on the barely legal butt boy with his beer can cock like a well oiled fuck machine and grants Grayson more than he ever dreamed of.

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Angelic super cutie Casey Tanner, and his big-dick sweetheart, Blake Mitchell join all American hunk heartbreaker Kody Knight in this all star fantasy threeway sex.

Casey Tanner, an insatiable bottom shared by two top titans, gets skewered by Blake and Kody as his delicious ass and sweet mouth get stuffed by their enormous young bones.

This insanely hot suck and fuckfest leaves all three twinks glistening in sweat and covered cum.

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When Evan Parker scoops up Grayson Lange for a much needed NSA hookup, his curious passenger has a few probing questions for the suave chauffeur. However, It’s once inside his apartment that these two tantalizing teens really get to know each other.

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Sweet & sensual lip sucking ensues as they make their way to the bedroom where Grayson takes Evan’s limber love muscle into his mouth until it becomes a fully formed fuck post. When it’s time to return the favor, Grayson kneels and gladly gives throat. Then, as Parker bends Grayson over the dresser and penetrates his pleasure portal, that’s when the ride truly begins.

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It is an ancient tradition that if you see Adam Archuleta in the first week or so of the New Year, that the rest of the year is going to be great! Another equally venerable tradition states that seeing Jean Daniel in the beginning of the New Year means a very horny year for anyone who sees! Fortunately for all of us we have both of them right here in this stunning night scene with Adam bottoming condomfree for Jean Daniel! This scene is almost a guarantee you’ll have a good year ahead of you at

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The camera comes in for an amazing close-up as Robin’s tongue darts in and out of Nathan’s Asshole. Big wide licks are followed by his thick probing tongue as it winds its way in and out of his buddy’s body. Stopping only to spread those cheeks and stare longingly at that glistening asshole. Dude likes it! Nathan isn’t going to be outdone so he flips Robin around and dives in to demonstrate his own rimming abilities. And this dude loves to suck ass! He crams his long and thick tongue all the way inside Robins hole as Robin gasps and moans loudly. “Holy fuck…” is all he can say as his ass is penetrated by another dude’s tongue for the first time!

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Skylar is a hot young blonde guy who loves to spend his time listening to music, dancing and hanging out with his friends. And who wouldn’t wanna be friends with a guy like Skylar?

Skylar starts his day listening to his music and dancing outside before heading inside to jack off. After a quick shower, he heads out and blows a second load.



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Damn! Jessie sure is a killer newbie at Blake Mason. He has  got that shaggy-haired surfer look, perfectly smooth golden skin that you could lick for ever and ever, a great personality with impeccable manners to match and, of course, a whopping great big uncut dick that anyone in their right mind would just love to get a hold of! Fuck, this guy is HOT in every sense of the word!!!

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His little tattoo above his underwear reads ‘blessed’ – a promise of things to come and sure enough his tattoo doesn’t lie! Sammy is a delight to behold – his gorgeous face,  fit body, flirty nature and his lovely thick uncut dick that’s almost 8 inches long make for the perfect package. In fact this guy has such a horny jerk-off that he loses all his inhibitions and before long, he’s losing a lovely thick load of cum too;-)

One final thing… make sure you enjoy the 7 minute bonus film too!

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The shy demeanour of Evan masks his wild party side, and somehow I think the air of innocence is all a clever ploy. This guy’s really all about fun, and at 18 he is the perfect age to enjoy it!

He describes himself as his dream guy and soon sets about proving it! But as this was Evan’s first time bearing all in front of the cameras we decided to allow him the luxury of stripping down in his own time and man, Evan sure likes to tease !!

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One finger is replaced by two and he starts a slow in and out motion as he stretches his hole as wide as he can take. Burying those fingers deep then slowly sliding them out and spreading his hole wide open. He spreads his cheeks and his hole gapes wide open for you to look right inside his body! He gently rubs the inside of his open hole with his finger before driving it back inside his body with a grunt.



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I know all these boys are in college, so after a bit I offer them some green to do a round of blowjobs for the cameras. It was Jimmy that dropped his pants first, then Sean slowly peels off his swim togs and showed us his package.

The boys were laughing and calling his cock small, but I’ve seen that dick and they are in for a big surprise. While Cameron sucked and jerked on Tucker everyone was doing their own jerking. I didn’t let him stay long,

I sent him on to Sean’s dick and he began sucking the shit out of it.

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The camera comes in for a magnificent close up as he continues to work his rock hard cock. Slow deliberate motions designed to maximize his pleasure ease into more forceful tugs as he mixes things up a bit.


The camera pulls back as he kicks off his underwear and slips his black t-shirt up and over his head.


He sits back up and looks right in the camera as he grinds his wrist into his cock with a herky jerky cirular motion that lights up his pleasure and races him towards the sweet relief of orgasm.

And it doesn’t take long before he freezes and grabs his cock as the cum starts to fly.

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He glances up at the camera with that cocky smile and stops stroking his cock for a second to let the camera drink in its meaty goodness. He just sits there looking at the camera with his boner poking at this stomach as if to say, "What are you waiting for?"

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Even though Ian was just a little nervous (what with this being the first time he had ever jacked off in front of cameras)

I can only say that he was a total joy to work with. His cock grew to its spectacular, fullest length real quick and there was Ian smiling away and eager to please!

This perfect specimen of young manhood was focused on working his big hard cock for me and you like a true professional… and as he played away and the camera’s rolled, I just couldn’t stop thinking how totally gorgeous he was in every single way possible !!

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Jack is attending college on a baseball scholarship and he’s living his dream. “Baseball is everything to me. It’s like I was born with a bat in my hands!” Sometimes these things just write themselves…

The video starts with a close-up of Jack’s incredible blue eyes as he plays with his rock hard cock that’s already dripping with precum. He slides his fingers deep inside his asshole as he moans with the pure pleasure that penetration provides. He sits up and shoots a load nearly three feet in the air then scoops up the delicious mess and gobbles it up with a devilish grin!


Jack is standing in the living room playing with his rock hard cock inside his shorts. As the camera pulls back you can’t help but think that he might be the very definition of twink! His smooth compact body is fit and athletic and his beautiful blue eyes are enough to drive a man to drink. This little guy is fucking hot!

He drops his pants around his ankles and works the head of his cock out of the wasteband of his underwear. You can see a single drop of precum glistening on the head of his cock as he rubs his shaft and balls… The camera comes in for a close up of that delicious jewel of slippery goodness and Jack reaches in with his finger to smear that stuff around. He pulls his finger back and a delicate string of precum stretches between his delicious cock and finger tip.


He pushes off his underwear and stands there bare naked. A little shy but the mischievous look on his face lets you know this little fellow has got some dirty thoughts going on! His sooth body looks amazing in the afternoon sun as he slowly works his perfect pecker. The camera scans down his chest and captures all the beautiful detail of this horny 18 year old as he slowly works his shaft.

He sits back on the couch and looks up at the camera with a wanton puppy-dog look. Cute as a fucking button! A tiny smirk finds its way across his face as he looks down at his throbbing manhood and he starts stroking his perfect cock one more time. His movements are slow and methodical – nothing hurried and nothing put on for the camera. Just the simple beauty of a horny 18 year old twink maximizing his own pleasure!

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According to Etienne he got his penis pierced because, “It makes the guys who are sucking my cock have something else to chew on!” Plus it never hurst to have a little bling for your thing! Etienne drops his pants and pulls out his throbbing cock as he grins at the camera. He takes a second to fiddle with his new piercing then stuffs two fingers up his ass before blowing a massive load all over his t-shirt which he laps up like a pro.

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Nice! He makes sure the camera is just right then stands up to drop his jeans. His beautiful uncut cock is poking at the thin fabric of his vibrant blue boxers so he gives it a good squeeze or two before pulling the camera in a little closer. Etienne’s beautiful eyes sparkle at the camera as he kneads his meat still inside his underwear. With a little smirk, no a full on grin – he slips his throbbing member out of his shorts and holds it up for everyone to see. His lorum piercing glitters in the light as he slowly rubs his cock, stopping to give his new jewellery a little tug. Something tells me that thing isn’t there strictly for decoration! He pushes off his underwear and pulls the camera in for a nice close-up as he shows

Alex’s boyfriend wanted to be the cameraman for his first homemade gay porn video and this scruffy twink can’t wait to please his man! He slowly slips off his clothes with his eyes locked on the camera as he begs for the approval of his unseen boyfriend. He shows off his perfect 7 inch uncut cock then slides two fingers up his ass before spewing a sticky mess of scruffy twink cum all over his smooth belly.
Not sure how your boyfriend felt but we DEFINITELY approve! Alex slowly peels off his t-shirt and lays back on the bed with his eyes locked on the camera as his boyfriend carefully captures every detail on his HD video camera. There’s a close personal connection between these two and the sexual energy burns up the screen! Alex starts rubbing his already hard cock through the stiff denim of his jeans as he lays back and lets the camera soak up his beautiful bare chest. The camera comes in for a close-up as Alex opens his fly and pushes down his jeans. His cock head is poking at the thin fabric of his black briefs and struggles to be free as he kicks his pants off. He gives his cock a couple of tugs inside his shorts before reaching

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Bi-guy Tate had always dreamed of taking a huge cock in his ass, but this anal rookie had never gotten the chance…until we found him that is! Our man Justin brings in his swinging sword and before you can say first time gay sex, Justin was balls-deep into Tate’s tight anus.

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Deer in the headlights doesn’t even come close to the confusion on these two lads faces when asked why they’re here. Initially, they appear to not have gotten much sleep, or maybe there’s a language barrier. But when the clothes come off, these boys perk up quick and their cocks get hard. They aren’t "rookies" for long! Hot gay sex!

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His favorite thing to do is edging – the act of getting as close to cumming as possible then backing off. Saving the cumshot for as long as possible. By the time he lets loose he literally explodes all over his furry belly. Talented little fucker! More video

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Straight guys suck huge cock and drink sperm from condom. Cum whore Shane Allen and everyone’s favorite twink Jeremiah Johnson return this week in an amazing cum eating flick! While waiting for their shoots Shane and Jeremiah where enjoying a few beers when Shane pipes up that he’s still a bit horny after he last video. Jeremiah, being the sex fiend that is he is, jumps at the chance to fill Shane’s hot, wet mouth and tight young ass with cock! Thank god we walked in when we did, because in 2 seconds flat they where ripping each other’s cloths off and Jeremiah was sucking Shane’s cock like there was no tomorrow! Then Shane gets on his knees and returns the favore, taking Jeremiah’s down the base in his throught. After a few minutes of cock sucking Shane straps on a rubber and starts riding Jeremiah’s hard, throbbing cock like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco! After pounding Shane’s tight willing ass for what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, Jeremiah blows his his hot sticky load inside his condom. Then Shane, being the cum loving twink he is, says with a mischievous smirk "FEED ME!". So Jeremiah rips off his condom and proceeds to pour his thick load in Shane’s mouth while Shane strokes himself to an amazing ending!

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Amateur guy like drink cumshot. His cock head is almost as big as his fist as he strokes the shaft, watching himself the whole time.

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Group guys suck each other cocks. DILLON, KYROS & SHANE We were running out of time on our last shoot, so I asked the ’Super Twinks’ if they could shoot one last set with anyone there, who would it be? And the answer came very quick and very sure… Shane! And Shane couldn’t wait to get a mouth full of their jizz! As you’ll see, everyone went home satisfied. More pictures and video!

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Flips back over on his back and gets back to work on his 7.5 inch uncut cock. The camera gets some beautiful close-ups as he lubes up his cock and starts with his natural jack off rythm.

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Straight guys gay sex. PJ and Corbin Description:PJ and Corbin are school buddies, they take the same classes during the day and toss back a few beers at night. One night they were hanging out in a secluded corner of the bar playing the slots. PJ turned to Corbin and said "let’s make this a little more interesting, everytime we win something we have to take off a piece of clothing." Corbin agreed and after a winning streak they found themselves almost naked and getting very horny. After some mutual blowjobs they wind up with jizz on their faces and an audience of appreciative onlookers! Look on this straight guys on video

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Anyway, it’s Will who first pays some special oral attention on Dean’s big long dick. In fact, dean was quite captivated at watching his new fuck buddy slurp away, but he certainly wasn’t shy in returning the favour. While I’ve filmed a lot of cock sucking over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy worship dick the way Dean did – but hey, Will’s cock deserved it!

Having got each other all horned up, Will takes the lead and begins to gently fuck Dean with his thick hefty cock. Dean then goes on top and rides away, his cock slapping and rubbing against Will’s taught stomach as he goes. Finally, well, Will wanted to pick up the speed a little so he ploughed away at Dean’s arse until he could hold off no longer. Beautiful

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The action begins with some lovely body and cock worshiping as the guys suck each other up to full hardness. It’s quite a suck-fest as Matt devours Nathan’s meat with wanton lust, and of course Nathan is a real happy man to get such prized meat sliding in out of his mouth! Ah, I love to see people happy…

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Young guys ride on huge cock

But Nathan didn’t come back just to have that huge cock in his mouth… oh no, he wanted to feel it pumping away in his sweet arse! Well, Matt was more than willing to help out his new play mate and what a fuck fest it turned out to be! Nathan ended up shooting his load while Matt was buried deep inside him… and then he wanted a facial too! Some people are so demanding….

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Young boys. There’s plenty of kissing in this one as the guys explore each other’s mouths, while Bobby is the first to go down and suck on Zach’s big uncut cock. The guys bounce back and forth, sucking each other’s tasty meat in turn before Bobby decides to give Zach’s arse a good tongue lashing… and man does he enjoy it!

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Having taken it in turns to suck each other, Bobby and Zach finally settle down in to a great 69 position – they sure wanted to feel the delight of sucking and getting sucked at the same time! Man, were these fellas intent on sucking and wanking each other or what? And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how it all ends…

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